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 Fasting in Muharram

What are the virtues of fasting in Muharram?


The best fasting after Ramadan is fasting in Muharram

Abu Hurayra(ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "The best fast after Ramadan is the month of Allah, al-Muharram. The best prayer after the obligatory prayer is the night prayer." (Muslim)
“If you will fast (in another month) after Ramadan, fast Muharram; because that’s the month of Allah.” ((at-Targib wat-Tarhib)
It is narrated from Ali bin Abu Talib(ra) that one man asked him: “Which month do you command me to fast after Ramadan?”
Ali (ra) replied: “When I was sitting beside the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), I didn’t hear anyone except one man asking (Prophet) about this issue. He asked: “O Messenger of Allah! Which month do you command me to fast after Ramadan? “Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated: “If you will fast after Ramadan, fast in Muharram; because it is the first month of Allah’s months. In that month, there is one day that Allah forgave and accepted the repentance of a community. He may forgive and bestow another community, as well.” (Thirmizi)

One who fasts the last day of Dhulhijja and the first day of Muharram is rewarded with the fifty years’ expiation

“Fasting the last day of Dhulhijja and the first day of Muharram is an expiation for fifty years, because it is finishing the previous year and welcoming the forthcoming year fasting.” (Gunyat-ut Talibin)

Whoever fasts three days of Muharram is given 900 years’ thawab

As narrated from Anas (ra), the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated that:
“Whoever fasts three days of the haram months (Dhul-qada, Dhul-hijja, Muharram and Rajab), he is rewarded with a 900 years’ thawab of worship.”
The Messenger of Allah stated that whoever fasts the three days which are Thursday, Friday and Saturday of any haram month, he is given the thawab of 900 years’ worship.” (Tabarani)
Fasting one day in Muharram is rewarded with the thawab of 30 days’ fasting
“Whoever fasts one day of Muharram, gets 30 days (‘ fasting reward) for each day he fasts.” (Gunyat-ut Talibin)
Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated that:
“Whoever fasts one day in Muharram, for each day he fasts in that month, there are 30 thawabs for him.” (Abbas, Imam Suyuti)

Fasting one day of haram months is superior to fasting all days of other months

As is known, Muharram is one of the haram months. It is stated in the hadith as the following:
“Fasting one day of any haram month is superior to fasting the thirty days of any other months. Fasting one day in Ramadan is more virtuous than fasting thirty days in a haram month.” (Ihya –u Ulum-id Din) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Fasting in Muharram

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