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 I Couldn't Stay at Mina After 10 Dhulhijjah, Is my Hajj Authentic?

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb Sir I performed hajj in 2009 but I could not throw pebbles on 11th and 12th Zill Hajj and returned back to home at 10 Zilhajj Night I throwed 21 pebbles only on Big Devil not others then I came to Haram after sacrifice and Tawaf I went to home I want to know is my Hajj valid? Because I missed 2 small Devils and not stayed in Mina after 10 Zilhajj.


Throwing pebbles is one of the Wajibs of Hajj

Muslim pilgrims fling pebbles at three walls called “jamarat”. It is one of a series of ritual acts that must be performed in the Hajj In the city of Mina. It is called

“Stoning of the Devil”

or “stoning of the jamarat” (ramy al-jamarat). And this act of Hajj is Wajib in Islam.
If a person is too weak to fling pebbles because of an illness or agedness, he must appoint a substitute (wakil) to fulfill the wajib for him in the hajj time. (It is not an easy thing to appoint a wakil, it has many conditions and if you cannot find any other options, for the last option you can only choose to have a wakil to throw pebbles, one can only have the right to appoint a wakil to throw the pebbles if he/she is so old as to fling pebbles or weak or ill. And this can only be done during the hajj time, it cannot be done after the fourth day of eid.) The essential point for our question is that the wakil must complete flinging the pebbles before the time of hajj finishes.
If the person couldn’t fulfill the act of pebbling personally and if he didn’t appoint substitute before the end of the time of hajj, then he must sacrifice an animal after the hajj time and allocate its meat to the Meccan poor. Or, in the next Hajj time, the person may fulfill the unperformed or half-done wajib personally, if he is able both economically and physically. In this case, he doesn’t need to sacrifice an animal. By fulfilling the uncompleted wajib, he will complete his unfinished Hajj.
Briefly, you don’t need to redo the whole hajj duties. It’s enough either to fulfill the half-done act of pebbling in another hajj time or to sacrifice an animal and allocate its meat to the Mekkan poor. If you don’t have possibility to go to Makkah for sacrifice, then you must give money to a person who goes to Umrah or hajj for sacrifice and he will stand-in for you.
If you fulfill these conditions, then your hajj is authentic inshaallah. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - I Couldn't Stay at Mina After 10 Dhulhijjah, Is my Hajj Authentic?

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