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What Does Fard Mean?

What is fard? 8.18.2010 03:30

Is It Permissible to Disrupt the Performance During Daily Prayer (Salah)?

Is disrupting the performance during the prayer (salah) permissible? Under what conditions, is it permissible? 4.28.2010 08:59

I Couldn't Stay at Mina After 10 Dhulhijjah, Is my Hajj Authentic?

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb Sir I performed hajj in 2009 but I could not throw pebbles on 11th and 12th Zill Hajj and returned back to home at 10 Zilhajj Night I throwed 21 pebbles only on Big Devil not others then I came to Haram after sacrifice and Tawaf I went to home I want to know is my Hajj valid? Because I missed 2 small Devils and not stayed in Mina after 10 Zilhajj. 4.28.2010 07:51

What is Salah (Prayer)?

What does "salah" mean? 4.7.2010 22:45


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