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 Can't One Reach Allah only With the Mind?

Isn't it possible to reach Allah only via the mind but without the prophets?


Even though people can fathom the existence and the oneness of Allah, they are not able to understand the lofty attributes of Allah (swt). Human mind falls insufficient in conceiving the mysteries of Allah’s existence, what he demands, what he consents and not consents, how to worship, what will face us behind the death and many more curious question like these. Because mind is weak in metaphysical scope. Human beings need a guide along with their mind in order to show them the way. Allah declared all the answers of the questions of mankind by showing them the shortest and the flawless way with the help of His prophets who are each a perfect teacher. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Can't One Reach Allah only With the Mind?

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