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 What Are the Evidences of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Being True (Haq) Prophet?

How can we prove that our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) is the true (haq) prophet?


Each prophet who came before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is an evidence to His prophethood

All prophets who came before Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) affirmed Him by their words, morals and miracles.
They affirmed by their words; because like Our Prophet (pbuh) they also struggled to promote the “existence and oneness of Allah (swt)”. They gave signs about the coming of Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) in both their books and scriptures.
They affirmed by their miracles; because miracle is one of the fundamentals of prophethood. Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) showed nearly one thousand miracles. By showing some samples of these miracles, the prophets who came before Him affirmed His struggle and prophethood.
They affirmed by their morals; because good morals seen in all prophets is seen in Our Prophet in the most perfect way and as a miracle.

Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) having Quran that is a miracle with its each letter is an evidence to His prophethood

Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) has Quran-i Karim that is the greatest book ever and has millions of people who affirm it in each century. Is it reasonable to think that there is any dishonesty in the person who was given authorization to be the guide of a book which is inimitable and which comes from Allah’s imperial order?
Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) attributes of seriousness, fortitude and patience that he showed while spreading Islam around the world are evidence to His prophethood
The fact that one does not hesitate when he is speaking a word is proof to that words’ truth. Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) never hesitated nor was he nervous or afraid even when his tribe was against him along with all the other tribes and big states and when his relatives left Him alone.
He showed great endurance and never lost his fortitude when he suffered hunger and thirst, suffered through insults and was stoned and at the end was forced to migrate.

Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) attribute of “Al Amin” (trustworthiness) is evidence to His prophethood

Even before he was assigned as a prophet, Our Prophet (pbuh) was known as Muhammad’ul Amin (pbuh). He never lied in His life even as a joke. Some of His relatives did not convert to Islam but they also accepted the truthfulness of His words. This proves that His struggle is without lies and tricks.

Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) miraculous success is evidence to His prophethood

It is very difficult to change any little habits even in small groups. Moreover Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) struggled with big tribes who were stubborn and very traditional and succeeded in changing many of their habits in a short amount of time. Instead of the old habits and traditions he gave them high morals. And he made them masters of many civilized tribes.

The exceptional effect of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) words is evidence to His prophethood

Even the most ignored person listening to His talk for an hour was able to go as a teacher to the most civilized nations. A person with such an effect is most certainly the true Prophet and His struggle is one of truth.
The rules and regulations brought by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took the nations that followed them to the highest level of civilization and this is evidence to His prophethood
Our Prophet couldn’t read and write. Regardless of this most civilized and fair states got their civilization and justice by following the rules and regulations that were promoted by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and were able to reign for centuries. For example, The Ottoman Empire reigned for seven hundred years with fairness compared to other states and set an example to many civilizations.

The fact that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the first to believe in the religion that he brought and the strength of His belief is evidence to His prophethood

Prophet Muhammad was the first to believe in the truth that he defended.
When everybody was against Him none of their ideologies damaged His faith. No oppression could turn Him away from His mission.
He practiced the religion that he preached better than anyone else.
He kept Himself away from sin more than anyone else.
He feared Allah more than anyone else.
He was a magnificent servant to Allah in the most difficult conditions without imitating anyone.
So Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sincere in His struggle. Because he confirmed His struggle first with His faith and submission.

Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) answering the most complicated questions is evidence to His prophethood

Prophet Muhammad answered fundamental questions that philosophers couldn’t answer such as “Who are you? Where are you coming from? Where are you headed?” in the most beautiful way with miraculous Qur’an.
The meaning of universe and its secrets were deciphered and told by the Qur’an and His prophethood.
The fact that he answered many unanswered questions in the most convincing manner proves that he is the messenger of Allah.

Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) answering questions about any subject even though he was illiterate is evidence to His prophethood

When Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was asked about history, science, philosophy, future, medicine, astronomy etc… regardless of the subject he always gave the best answer in the most convincing manner. He never left any question unanswered. His extensive knowledge proves that he is a prophet who receives revelation from Allah.

The fact that for 1500 years Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) mission has not been refuted and that he has billions of followers is evidence to His prophethood

Currently, Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) 1500 year-old religion has one and a half billion followers. Thus Islam is a religion of peace that appeals to people’s minds, souls, hearts, and egos. The success of Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) is evidence to the truth of His mission.

Millions of awliya that came after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is evidence to His prophethood.

Many wise scholars who came after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prove His mission

The fact that millions of scholars and wise men were brought up and educated with His lessons even though he was alliterated proves that he had the highest level of knowledge and truth. The fact that many wise scholars confirmed Him is evidence to His prophethood.

Nearly a thousand miracles performed by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are clear evidence of His prophethood

The kinds of His miracles are as follows:
- The Holy Quran
- His beautiful morals
- His ascension to Heaven (Miraj)
- Dividing the moon in half with His finger
- Reporting from the past and the future
- Food and beverages becoming abundant with His touch
- Water flowing from His fingers as if from a fountain
- Trees listening to His orders
- The date trunk wailing in pain when it is separated from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Are the Evidences of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Being True (Haq) Prophet?
- Mountains and rocks saluting Him and confirming His prophethood
- Canes and sticks turning into swords
- Blinding an entire army by a handful of sand
- The sick and wounded healing with the touch of His hand and with His prayers
- Waking dead people
- All his prayers being accepted
- Animals talking and bearing witness to Him
- Jinns recognizing Him and bearing witness to Him
- Angels coming to His aid
- Being protected by Allah in a miraculous way
- Holy books pointing to Him
- Seers reporting His coming into this world
- Before His prophethood Jinns called “Hatif” reporting Him
- Idols and animals that were sacrificed for idols speaking and reporting His coming
- Extraordinary events taking place before and during His birth
- Extraordinary events during His childhood

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