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 What Kind of Miracles Did Prophet Muhammad Perform?

Can you tell us some of the miracles that our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) performed?


His Quran Miracle

His Miracle of Isra & Miraj

Splitting the Moon

Informing about the future

Food multiplication

Water runs from his fingers like fountain

Water multiplication

Tree's listening his orders

Crying of the stem of the Date-palm tree

Mountain's and rock's saying "Peace be upon you! Oh! Meseenger of Allah". Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Kind of Miracles Did Prophet Muhammad Perform?

Staff's and baton's turning into swords

Curing the old and ill people

Resurracting the dead

Healing ill and injured people

All his prays are accepted

Animal's testifying His Prophethood through speaking

Jinn's testifying His Prophethood

Angel's obeying His rules

Being protected by Allah

Holy Book's speaking of Him

Predictor's informing about Him

Jinn's called "Hatif" informing about Him before His prophethood

Friends of Allah's informing about Him

Idol's and sacrified animal's informin about Him

The extraordinary incidents happened during His birth

The extraordinary incidients happened troughout His childhood

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