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 The Duties of the Prophets

For which mission did Allah (swt) send the prophets?

"(We sent) apostles as the givers of good news and as warners . (Surah An-Nisa (The Women), 165 )
• The first and also the major mission of the prophets is to prove the existence and oneness of Allah and to convey them to the people.
• As the prophets convey Allah’s orders and instructions to the mankind.
• Through the messengers, Allah answers the questions that engage people’s minds such as “Where have I come from? Where am I going?” and “What is the purpose of my existence?”
• Allah placed “coming into existence with causes” as a law in the universe (such as a baby’s coming into the world through his parents and bestowing blessings to the creatures through the rain and soil). But people get stuck on the superficial and assume these causes almost as creators. So the major responsibles are the prophets who are entrusted with turning the faces of the people to Allah, the Creator of all causes.
• Prophets endeavour to introduce people the magnificent and excellent arts of the universe and through these arts, inform them of the attributes of Allah.
• As prophets guide the people in spiritual aspects, they are also the models and masters for mankind in materialistic aspects, too. Through the miracles given to the prophets, Allah opened the door to materialistic progress for mankind.
For example, Prophet Jesus has a miracle of healing the blind and the leper and also bringing the dead back to life and so, he paved the way for a quite advanced stage in the science of medicine.
As a miracle, Allah subjected the wind to Prophet Suleiman so that in one day, he traveled over two months’ journey without a vehicle in the air. This miracle indicating the cutting-edge point of aerial transportation by traveling 60-days-distance within one day, also points out that an object would be transported within a very short time and from long distances.
Prophet Moses gushed out water from a rock by smiting it with his staff as a miracle that indicates artesian wells.
Prophet David led most of the industrious progresses by smelting iron and copper as a miracle.
Prophet Abraham with his miracle of not burning in the fire when he was thrown by the fir’awn indicates the existence of a substance which doesn’t burn in the fire. As a matter of fact, humankind found amiant for a long time and by developing it they made new achievements. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Duties of the Prophets

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