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 Why does Allah (swt) not Prevent the Disasters and the Catastrophes But Allows Them?

How does Allah allow the afflictions if He is so merciful? why doesn't He prevent them?


There are numerous wisdoms and an everlasting mercy behind the disasters and the calamities.

All troubles, calamities; briefly anything seeming outwardly unfavorable and evil are actually favorable and pleasing.

Allah (swt) tests man in this world. Diseases and the calamities are the requirements of this test

By means of the afflictions, Allah shows His own attributes and names on man. We reflect upon the Holy names of Allah (swt) and understand that He is “Shafii” by His giving shifa and curing the sick; and that He is “Al Razzaq” (The Provider) by His providing the whole needs of all creatures and feeding the hungry and also “Muin” by His helping the disaster victims.

Through sufferings, Allah (swt) warns His servants against sins and mistakes. Besides, He prevents them from conceit and arrogance.

Allah (swt) gives diseases and sufferings to His servants in order to bring them closer to Himself. Under sufferings and difficulties, the servant seeks help and strength for his impotence and despair. He takes refuge in the eternal mercy and the infinite might of his Lord and finds the everlasting compassion he needs.

If a believer keeps his patience when he endures afflictions, he will receive forgiveness of his Lord and get rid of his sins which will cause grievous torments in the hereafter.

In proportion to the degree of the diseases or the afflictions, Allah (swt) increases the reward (thawab) of His servants. The distress of a few years-illness and affliction may bring about million years’ weal and happiness of the eternal life. Allah gives the rank of martyrdom to His servants who die because of an incurable illness.

Furthermore, diseases and afflictions make man become aware of precious bounties.

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