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 Why did God Send Prophets?

Do people need prophets? Why did God send prophets?


A meaningful book requires a teacher to understand and teach its meanings. Universe is a book. Each creature is a sentence, a word or a letter. Ranging from the atoms to the sun, each creature hides countless, precious meanings behind the art, composition, system and design embroidered and placed on them. What are the mysteries the universe whispers to the humanity? What do all these creatures, events, births and deaths, changes in the universe, wasteless abundance, endless bounties and bestowals mean? The creator who has created this meaningful book will, of course, send “prophets” as the teachers to read, understand; teach and explain the holy, mysterious meanings of this wonderful universe to the humanity.

The wisdom requires that every human being definitely should wonder and ask the questions “What are we? Where do we come from to this world? Where are we going? Why are we here?” Every intellectual and reasonable being wants the answers of these questions. But who knows the answers? Who knows except the Lord and the Creator of the Realms and the lives? For as much as, Allah knows all these answers, he will surely notify the human kind of these lofty goals placed in the universe and of course he will choose the most distinguished individuals as “Prophets” for this holy mission.

If the prophets had not been sent, people would have difficulty in choosing between right and wrong and finding the truth, good and the most beneficent. It would take a lot of time to learn through experience and error and they would most probably fail in the end. So Allah, with his infinite mercy and grace, sent the prophets as guides of the straightest path for the human beings.

“ (We sent) many prophets as the givers of glad tidings and the warners (in the meantime) that people should not have any excuses against Allah after those prophets!” (Surah An Nisa, 165) 

Allah is the Most Compassionate so he does not want the human beings to do wrong. So He sent prophets to inform and teach the people about the wrongs and the harms that would damage his life both in this world and the hereafter. The human beings who persist in the wrong will be held responsible and they will be taken into account on the Day of Judgment. If Allah had not sent any prophets, people would have objected and said:” We did not know. No one warned us against the wrong and show the right. If they had done, we would have exactly chosen the right. This account is unjust!”

Prophets guide the humanity not only in the spiritual aspect, but they were also the guides and the teachers on civilization, cultural and social progress and artistic, commercial, agricultural and other kinds of occupations. For instance, Prophet Noah is the expert of the shipbuilders. Prophet Joseph is the expert of clockmakers and Prophet Idris is the expert of the tailors. That is to say, humanity needs prophets not only for religious purposes, faith and morality; but also for materialistic and worldly progresses. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why did God Send Prophets?

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