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maliki when miraj happened cutting nails during menstruation islamic perpective on lying barzakh rajab evidences of reincarnation asr hadith sufficiency duty prostration tarawih is sunnah dark prove the existence of god sexual intercource star ties of kinship prophethood shirk in love hisab extra surah combination of salahs laws of nature the month of safar prove Islam and racisim Quran and philosophers fard duties of parents ayahs about reatives kaffarah qamah haj give name reckoning virtues of jumuah moral expiation of masturbation while fasting jama takheer laylat al baraat intercession with ayah and hadith biology reward of sending blessings avoid haram date of miraj trinity distort when to start fasting six days of shawwal belief in qadar not talking for three days sadaqa in ramadan month suffering miscarrige khidr itiqaf effects of smoking ayah and hadith about shafaah pharaoh heaven fasting three days before ramadan funeral zoology x-ray past eternal magic in ıslam fasting only ashura beard virtue of ramadan youth zakat wahy order of the ayahs dress code for praying shafaat school of law depart mina early model person muslim countries value of ramadan muayada God watches us ring existence of god jacop asma al-husna menstruation maun ghusl while fasting fatimi language of divine books one udhiyya suffices for the household obedience fasting 9th of muharram using perfume on friday benefits of belief in qadar fast of ramadan praying in the graveyard evidence of god will of allah prerequisites of prayer

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