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 Why Are the Angels Created?

The Humans and The Jinn were Created to Worship Allah. If It Is So, Then What Is The Purpose of The Creation of Angels?

Just as the humans and the jinn, angels were created to worship Allah and glorify him by reciting his names. While the angels do have conscious, they reflect upon Allah’s attributes located in universe book.

The purpose in the creation of the universe is to “worship”. Praise, glorification and gratitude; in short “hamd” is the gist of the universe. The best known meaning of “hamd” is to recite and glorify Allah befitting his dignity.

Allah aims to introduce and endear himself through all his creatures. Certainly, a conscious and an aware worship is required in response to this aim.

Human beings and the jinn are not fully able to see all of those wonderful creations placed across the universe. On the other hand, angels can be present in every place throughout the universe. They are able to see through all of the creation wonders of Allah (swt) and reflect upon the names of Allah (swt). In that, they worship Allah through their particular glorifications.

As seen when examined attentively, the earth, one of the milliards of planets over the sky, keeps 5000 C in average in its core called magma. It is such wonderful with seven continents and huge oceans on its exterior surface. Its continents are adorned with mountains, valleys, rivers, gardens. The gardens also adorned with flowers of plenty of colors, shapes, designs and smells smiling towards the faces of the humans.

Now, let us turn our eyes towards the sky now. We see a marvelous view containing countless stars, spectacular planets in full harmony with one another. Although the human kind has been observing the wonderful heaven since the time of Adam (a.s), how much of this glorious configuration could they investigate and understand so far?

Are the fish able to comprehend the irreproachable art on the pearls and corals underneath the oceans? Doubtlessly no! Likewise, the humans are intelligent creatures, but though it is still impossible for them to reach and comprehend all the beauties and mysteries of the sky, the heavens and the universe.

In every trace of this vast universe, highly precious goals are sought and excellent signs of wisdom are established. Galaxies, colorful nebulas, great arts on the lamp-like stars over the space, hard to see even through the most delicate telescopes, require conscious creatures to glorify Allah’s names. Finally, the universe requires the existence of angels, for it well-adorned artwork, purposeful, delicate embroideries which demand sentient and conscious beings to reflect upon, as well as praise and commend, their perfection in full appreciation. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Are the Angels Created?

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