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 What Do Angels Do After Finishing Their Duties?

Gabriel was entrusted with carrying the revelation to the prophets. So what does Gabriel do now, because there are no prophets anymore? Also, will the duty of angels, like Kiraman-Katibin (honourable recorders) that are related to the humans, be ended after the day of judgment (qıyamah)?


Gabriel (a.s), along with being entrusted with carrying revelation to the prophets, is also entrusted with conveying the inspiration of men and the animals. For now, carrying revelation duty is ended but the duty of conveying the inspiration still continues.

Moreover; all the angels, along with having particular duties, have the general duty of reciting Allah’s names. Those finishing their particular duties continue praising and reciting Allah’s names. Then, in the Day of Judgment the term of their lives also expires and Azrael (Malak’ul-Mawt - The angel entrusted with parting the soul from the human body) takes their souls and then takes his own soul.

And they shall be resurrected in the hereafter.

As to the situations of the Angels in the hereafter, Fahraddin-i Radhi in his interpretation (tafseer) book stated as:

“The place of rewards of the angels in the hereafter is the edges and the surroundings of the Arsh of which borders are adjoined to the paradise (Jannah). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Do Angels Do After Finishing Their Duties?

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