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 Do prophets commit sin?


“Those (prophets) are they whom Allah guideth, so follow their guidance.” (Surah Al Anaam, 90)
Prophets don’t commit sin. All prophets are titled with the attribute “ismat” which means “the one who never commits either a big or a small sin (both after and before their prophethood)”.
But, of course, it is possible for them to make small mistakes. These small mistakes are called “dhalla”. (Aliyyu'l-Karî, Scharhu Fikhi'l-Akbar, Egypt 1323, 51, 53)
Prophets, in consequence of their small mistakes, were admonished by Allah (swt) and stood away from their mistakes immediately.
Dhalla is to leave the best (afdal) and do the superior (fadıl). (Abu'l-Barakat Abdullah an-Nasafi, Tafser)
According to this explanation, dhalla isn’t considered as mistake. It is just prophet’s choosing the “good” although there is a “better” choice. However, it behooves the prophets to behave in the “best” way. So Allah (swt) admonishes His messenger who commits dhalla.
The term “dhalla” is in question just for the prophets. However the expression “sin” is in question for all people except the prophets.
Although the prophets are sinless, they have always worshiped and asked Allah for His forgiveness. Thereby,they showed us the best path to move closer to Allah (swt) and became the best examples for mankind. By means of “dhalla”, they taught mankind how to behave and what to do when they make a mistake or commit sin. Being an example to the humankind in all aspects requires this stiuation. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Do prophets commit sin?

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