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God knows everything dhalla matter partner manners of i’tikaf do iftar according to makkah virtue of shaban alqamah mani gabriel misfortune in safar nicotine rabbana atina fundamental beliefs in Islam zakat-ul fitr zakat to non-muslims new year's eve ghusl while fasting overcome jealousy body hell zakat for the money on deposit qa'da preference men over women sun congregation school niyet importance of straightening the rows nonmuslim men whisper of satan acceptance of imperfect worship lotion during fast smoking using perfume on friday lost goods lawh al mahw wa ithbat end of the world funeral to pray for polytheist worst major sins hafaza kawthar go to masjid against parents congregational prayer evidences of god addiction greeting men fasting in the moth of shawwal pardon unfair division sur moisturiser during fast barysphere dejavu gospel get blood drawn during fast ihtilam smell of jannah placing hands in salah sur sexual intercource testfying of souls hijrah coincidence layers of jannah importance of zakat fasting 6 days of shawwal illness during ramadan fast to ease the birth pain prominent mind how to make tawbah salawat allah morals deny fasting past eternity ayat al kursi who can receive zakat Ismail disorder women voice in ıslam levels of jannah blood forgiveness in shaban calender barzakh husband news in bible for muhammad individual duty ayah miracles of Jesus ring fitr virtue of ramadan sunnahs of friday food multiplication miracle revealed books information

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