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How can I avoid haram and increase my iman?

How can i increase my iman when i keep doing haram things? I mean how can i stop myself from doing haram things once and for all? 8.10.2011 14:53

Does Faith Increase?

Does faith increase? What do iman-i tahqiqi and iman-i taqlidi mean? 4.3.2011 20:20

What is The Difference Between the Iman-i Tahqiqi and Iman-i Taqlidi?

There are two kinds of faith; initiative faith and verified faith. 3.29.2011 23:44

Does believing in the hereafter do us any good in terms of family life?

I'd like to give a few examples to show how believing in the hereafter affects the man's point of view and forms the intentions in his heart. 10.8.2010 23:31

Worldly Benefits of Belief in the Hereafter

Does believing in the hereafter have any benefits for this world? 10.13.2010 23:11

Proofs of Angels

How can we believe the existence of angels? Are there any proves? 10.12.2010 15:56

Eternal Love

9.13.2010 02:18


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