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 What are the Events That Happened on the Day of Ashura?

The Day of Ashura is almost a turning point for the world and the humanity, through the events happened on it...


Allah (swt) bestowed salvation to His ten prophets on the Day of Ashura

“Prophet Nuh’s arc landed on Mount Judi on the Day of Ashura. He and his companions spent the day fasting to thank Allah (swt). Animals didn’t eat anything either.

Allah (swt) split the sea for Beni Israel (the Children of Israel) on the Day of Ashura.

Allah accepted the repentances of Prophet Adam and the people of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) on the Day of Ashura, too. Besides, Prophet Abraham was born on that day.” (Tabarani)

On the Day of Ashura;

1. Allah bestowed Prophet Moses the miracle of splitting the Red Sea, saved him with his people and flooded the Pharaoh and his soldiers.

2. Prophet Nuh’s arc landed on Mount Judi.

3. Prophet Yunus (Jonah) got out of the belly of the fish.

4. Allah (swt) accepted Prophet Adam’s repentance on Ashura.

5. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) came out of the well that he was thrown.

6. Prophet Isa (Jesus) was born on Ashura and and ascended to the heaven on Ashura, as well.

7. Prophet Dawud’s (David) repentance was accepted.

8. Prophet Abraham was born.

9. Prophet Yaqup (Jacop)’s eyesight, which he had lost years ago was restored.

10 Ayni (ra) states that:” Some people mentions Idris (Enocha), Ayyub (Job) and Sulayman (Solomon) amongst the ten prophets, because Idrıs was ascented to the heaven on that day. Ayyub recovered from his illness and Sulayman was bestowed wealth. (Sahihi Muslim)

Other significant events took place on the Day of Ashura

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated the following regarding Ashura:

On the Day of Ashura Allah (swt) created the seven heavens, seas, mountains, the pen, Lawh-I Mahfuz (the preserved table), the stars, the Kursi, Angel Gabriel and the other angels.

The first rain fell from the sky on the Day of Ashura.

The end of the world will come on Ashura.

In the Era of Bliss (time of the Prophet) the covering of Kaaba used to be renewed on ashura days

In the time of our Beloved Prophet (swt), Kaaba’s covering used to be renewed on the ashura day of every year.

It was narrated from Hadrat Aisha:

“Ashura is the day which Kaaba is covered.” (Muslim, Abu Dawud)

Another reason that makes Ashura remarkable in Islam is that it is the day when Husayn (ra), the blessed grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the master of the youth of heaven, was martyrized. Husayn (ra) and his companions opposed Yazid’s tyranny and in consequence, by the command of Yazid, they were martyrized atrociously in Karbala on the 10th of Muharram in Hijri 61 (10 October 680)

As a matter of fact, Allah (swt) bestowed high ranks to these blessed martrys who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the Islamic truths they lived and defended. Through martydom ,They attained such an otherworldly and magnificent ranks that no worldly royalty could reach. The family of the Prophet (Al-i Beyt), who went through such suffering times, performed the task of carrying the banners of Quran to the ummah in every century and became the spritual sultans. May Allah be pleased with them all. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What are the Events That Happened on the Day of Ashura? 

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tahir said on "2.16.2012 10:23" :

Most important event is missed out. Hazrat Imam Husain a.s grand son of Holy Prophet was martyred along with his sons brothers and companions on this day.

idare said on "2.18.2012 13:25" :

You can read the article entitled "Karbala" for further information about the martydom of Hadrat Hussain (ra), the beloved grandson of our Blessed Prophet (pbuh).

shakil said on "11.19.2012 11:18" :
Imam Hussein alyhisalam and his all folowers, protected islam intrests, on the day of ashura, in a way , which no other human will be able to do.
heyder said on "11.24.2012 04:14" :
Zulfikar said on "11.24.2012 05:42" :
The death of Imam Husayn (R.A.) happened on the day of Ashura, yes, but it having any significance is not important, because our Prophet (SAW) mentions of events that took place before his time. Imam Husayn (R.A.)died after.

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