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Is Shafa’ah (Intercession) Right?

Shafa’ah means our Prophet’s making dua for His Ummah and His request to Allah (swt) so that His Ummah is forgiven in the Day of Judgment. 2.26.2012 11:47

What is the Hadith of Gabriel?

4.27.2011 00:19

What is the Colour of Hell fire?

What is the clour of Jahannam (Hell)? Are there any hadiths about its colour? 2.7.2011 23:59

When Will the End of the World Come?

Will the world end on the day of Ashura? Do the hadith on determine a certain date for qiyamah? When will the end of the world come? 11.19.2010 21:39

The Destination of the Souls

What is the destination of the souls? When a person dies, where does his soul go? 1.13.2011 23:15

Do We Need Sunnah?

As we can learn everything from the Qur'an, is there need for the Sunnah of the Prophet? 7.25.2010 19:09


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