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Was salah fard for the previous ummahs?

Was it obligatory to perform salah for the ummahs before Islam? Did they perform five times a day? 12.27.2012 12:55

Were followers of Pharaoh sent a prophet?

Did disbelievers like Pharaoh in the Quran know that he was going to hell? If he did, why didn't he become good? Why did people follow him even if they knew by doing so it will lead them to hell? 11.13.2011 20:49

What are the Events That Happened on the Day of Ashura?

The Day of Ashura is almost a turning point for the world and the humanity, through the events happened on it... 12.17.2010 01:39

What does “Ashura" Mean?

What is "ashura"? What is the importance of "the Day of Ashura"? 1.12.2012 14:20

Which prophets were the holy books sent down to?

Which prophets were given the holy books? Which prophets were given the "suhuf" (pages)? 10.31.2012 15:17


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