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 Why Was Adam Expelled from Jannah (Paradise)?

What is the reason for Adam (as) to be expelled from Jannah (paradise)?


There are many reasons for Hadrat Adam to be expelled from Jannah but the important ones can be listed as such:
Allah entrusted people with worshipping Him and wants them to rise in spiritual degrees by choosing what is good, beautiful and favorable. And human beings were sent down to dunya (earth) which is a place of tests and tribulations, where the good and evil are mixed together so that the ability to choose what is good and beautiful comes to existence. Otherwise, human’s position would be fixed just like the angels. However there are plenty of angels who worship Allah in this stable position so there is no need for humans for this kind of worship.
It is emerged by Adam's exclusion from Jannah (paradise) that human is created superior to angels and all other creatures in respect to his abilities. If man had stayed in Jannah (paradise) the superiority in his creation would not be obvious.
Allah wanted human beings to be His mirror image and embroidered His names and attributes into the humans’ creation. If man had stayed in Jannah, his abilities would not have come out therefore Allah’s names would be hidden in Himself. Because in Jannah everything desired is present, it was not necessary for man to deal with arts and crafts, inventions and explorations. However in dunya (earth) man has to use abilities that Allah has bestowed on him in order to obtain certain needs. For example, man builds houses with the Al-Qadir (The All Able) attribute, sews clothes with As-Sani’ (The Artificer) name, invents machines with Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner of forms) name, feeds his children with Ar-Rahman (The Compassionate) and Ar-Rahim (The Most Merciful) names, educates with Rabb’ (The Administrator) name, treats people with Ash-Shafi’ (The Healer) name and such that Allah bestowed on him. Every job that he does and all abilities that he shows are to indicate Allah’s names and attributes. For people it was necessary for them to be expelled from Jannah to Dunya (earth) to show certain names and attributes that Allah has bestowed them with. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Was Adam Expelled from Jannah (Paradise)?

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