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dua and fate tashrik takbir merits of shaban immortal worship of an alcohol drinker itikaf morals hands below the navel in salah yaqup Yasir asr hadith memorizer compound greeting men sunnah mawlid al nabi uninformed people dawn hebrew suffering miscarrige does destiny change zakat beautification solutions to control sexual desires disbeliever rebelling against parents guilty ablution while fasting hadrat prayers of one who drinks alcohol aquarium will element sinner doubt hampers faith rabbana atina jihad hour supplications in the quran creatures in the quran religion dead can hear srebrenica massacre cross name iradah expiation of masturbation while fasting presence of allah refute reancarnation absolute nothingness disobedience to parents compulsory daily prayers bible insulin injection during fasting malaika-i muakkal iftaar zakat on shares gods form feel in the presence of Allah fall in love in ıslam funeral breast-feeding prophets pumpkin khorasan shaban grave the month of trouble names of allah(swt) catastrophe lipstick during fast IUD responsible wealthy tips for the best ramadan levels ı am ı wudu while fasting repentance prayers not accepted for 40 days belief in qadar water multiplication miracle rebellion tawaf muhammad's attitute to his wifes atheism fasting in old ages morning of celebration movement omnipotent omnipotence meaning of ilah purpose crack of dawn reference to muhammad in bible cleaning najasa before salah scriptures dhulhijjah to pray for nonbeliever stop talking for three days

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