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reward magic in ıslam closing eyes solutions for masturbation teenage and parents muhammad(pbuh) stop talking for three days reasons of backbiting meaning of hajj virtue of tarawih ajal pardon easy delivery hairdresser breaking ramadan fast intentionally maliki speak during khutba miswak while fasting intervening stage crack of dawn commit a sin true love congregation hadith of gabriel fasting 11th of muharram number of verses sunni pleasant(latif) end of the world presence of god spirituality lustful thoughts during fast merits of shaban temperature israafeel qunut duas qibla heritage yusuf muslim working in pub ikhtiyari qadar : provision of fast patience gibril reward for praying supreme one qurbani sufficient for the fmily unseen angels in the Quran procreation ukhuwwah in Islam qıyamah expiation of masturbation while fasting significance of salah lailatul qadr silver ring significance of fasting iradah Pickthall human model creatures in the quran evil why to learn islam blessing impact of name on man educational methods of Muhammad shawwal or qada order of kaffarah shuhh praying in ramadan razzaq bad deeds death world sunnahs of jummah surah eat halal days when it is forbidden to fast salam racism responsibilites of parents arrogance christianity home hafaza holy days 21.verse of Surah al Najm sexual desire wearing trousers rhetorical is destiny fixed universe postnatal bleeding verified faith to endure the difficulties of long fasting interregnum tafsir niyyah social aspects of hajj

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